Parking Garage Cleaning

We sound like a broken record: first impressions matter. But when it comes to your property, it couldn’t be truer. And often, that first impression starts with your parking garage.

St. Louis Pro Wash is your expert in parking garage cleaning that invests in your property and its curb appeal. With our experts on the job, you’re always primed for a positive impact that lasts.

A Baseline of Superior Quality

Every parking garage faces an uphill battle. It’s constantly under attack from wear and tear - and that can take a toll. So, it’s the job of our experts to invest in service that transforms. We provide this with:

  • Advanced pressure washing
    Chewing gum, grease, oil, and dirt – our pressure washing equipment can handle it all. We use the industry’s best technology, and we don’t compromise.
  • Superior cleaning solutions
    Our team has seen every type of stain. And our cleaning products have been prepared to combat it. This means that you’re truly getting a clean slate.
  • Committed technicians
    Every member of our team has the training, the on-the-ground experience, and the commitment to bring the best service to you and your property?

Drive into Curb Appeal

A parking garage is functional and utilitarian. But it should also be a magnet for a first impression. We help our clients stay on top of their concrete cleaning needs by making property service simple. This includes:

  • Flexible scheduling
    Need our service during normal operating hours? Our team can accommodate. In fact, it’s our pleasure.
  • EPA compliance
    From wastewater recovery to biodegradable cleaning products, we invest in a pressure washing service that puts your property and the planet first.

Your parking garage should inspire a great first impression. But it should also create a safe space for you to conduct business. With St. Louis Pro Wash, you’re always getting that happy balance!