Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

“Functional.” It might be the first goal that you think of when you consider your property’s exterior surfaces, but we encourage you to think a step further. “Safe” - they should allow you to travel with confidence. And what about “beautiful?” They should complement your curb appeal. St. Louis Pro Wash will help you meet all these goals with our professional concrete cleaning and sealing services. 

Rethink Clean Concrete

Too many property owners set the bar low for their concrete surfaces. They think that “average” is acceptable. And we get why - these high traffic areas encounter their fair share of wear and tear. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t always be at their best.

That’s where our pressure washing system helps. We use an industry-leading approach that will keep your hardscapes at their best through the year. This includes:

  • Stain removal
    Dirt? Not a problem. Grease? We’ve seen it before. Our pressure washing system is designed to address virtually all types of buildup on your exterior, so your concrete surfaces can have the “clean slate” effect.
  • Chewing gum removal
    Some issues are sticky. But that doesn’t mean they’re permanent. Our chewing gum removal service ensures that your concrete is back on track.
  • Concrete brightening
    Sometimes, your surface just needs a little facelift. And our pressure washing service is just the solution you need.

Invest in the Best with Concrete Sealing

You have the benefit of clean concrete, courtesy of our pressure washing service. But with concrete sealing, you’re getting an investment that lasts the long haul. This solution delivers superior:

  • Protection, Aesthetics, and Quality
    Our concrete sealing service acts as a barrier between your concrete and all the negative elements that wear it down. This is a rain jacket against water damage, a napkin against stains, and a tarp against wear and tear. And it protects your concrete for the long run.

With our professionals on the job, you’re always getting functionality that excels. You’re getting safety that delivers peace of mind. And you’re getting curb appeal that stands out. Invest in your concrete surfaces today!