Building Cleaning

Your property matters. And it isn’t just about maintaining curb appeal - it’s about upholding the reputation that makes your business stand out. St. Louis Pro Wash is proud to serve restaurants, gas stations, banks, and other providers in the commercial sector who rely on their brick-and-mortar location to serve their customers.

Pressure Washing Designed for Your Property

We work with clients across the commercial sector. But whether you’re in the food service industry or the retail sector, you can count on our team to deliver a quality that lasts - and service that won’t make your business skip a beat. We provide:

  • Advanced pressure washing technology
    Soft washing or pressure washing - we do it all. Our exterior cleaning services are designed to meet the specialized requirements of your property.
  • “Clean slate” results
    Our team specializes in service that removes everything from mold to algae, from mildew to pollen. It’s the long-term solution your exterior needs.
  • Routine service
    A one-and-done solution won’t suffice for most commercial customers - they need to maintain curb appeal all year long. That’s why we offer monthly, quarterly, or annual care.

Make “Above and Beyond” the Norm

We believe that our clients are exceptional. And we’re committed to bringing the best to every building washing service. When you invest in a solution with St. Louis Pro Wash, you’re getting complete care for your property. This includes:

  • Convenience
    Whether you’re using our online quote builder or scheduling recurring service, you can always expect prompt service and quality-driven results.
  • Environmental responsibility
    We offer wastewater recovery and biodegradable cleaning products that will keep your property EPA compliant.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you aren’t completely satisfied with our building washing service, then we get back to work. It’s the most important way we make you feel confident about our service.

Your building exterior should be a beacon of success. With St. Louis Pro Wash, you’re investing in authentic curb appeal, enduring quality, and stress-free convenience for you and your property.