Concrete Cleaning & Dumpster Enclosures

Does your property meet your needs - both as a functional space and as a bolster to your reputation? With concrete cleaning and pressure washing from St. Louis Pro Wash, the answer will always be “yes.”

Invest in Your Reputation

We’ve worked with clients across the region. And whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, a bank or an office building, one thing holds true: that first impression really matters. And your exterior is a critical component of it.

Enter pressure washing. St. Louis Pro Wash uses an industry-leading approach to bring out the best in your property. This includes:

  • Advanced pressure washing equipment
    Hardscapes need an extra hand. That’s why we always invest in the industry’s best pressure washing technology for your concrete and hardscapes.
  • Deodorizing technology
    Dumpster pads might be a magnet for trash, but that doesn’t mean they need to bring your property down. Our cleaners eliminate odors and buildup alike.
  • Professional expertise
    Licensed, insured, and certified - it’s the St. Louis Pro Wash guarantee. We always bring the best to your property.

Complete Pressure Washing

Your property’s hardscapes should only ever benefit your property - not detract from it. That’s where our service comes in. We offer a professional and driven solution that will guarantee the best in:

  • Safety
    Our team eliminates the buildup that contributes to slip and fall accidents - and in the process, we eliminate a huge liability.
  • Curb appeal
    Your property should inspire confidence. And clean hardscapes set the stage for that positive first impression.
  • Property value
    Your entire property benefits when clean hardscapes are in the mix - and our concrete cleaning solution is the answer.

From your sidewalk to your dumpster pad, St. Louis Pro Wash is here for you. Get the best in quality with the support of our pressure washing team!