Deck & Fence Cleaning

Every part of your property matters. And St. Louis Pro Wash is here to help you make the details stand out. Our deck and fence cleaning services honor the special qualities that ensure your home is a source of pride, safety, and confidence.

    • Your Dynamic Cleaning Expert

We love the unique nature of our clients’ properties; each one is different. And this means that we approach every pressure washing or soft washing solution with a specialized approach. This includes:

  • Cutting-edge equipment
    Pressure washing or soft washing - our team is here for you. We use the industry’s best technology, so you’re always getting a complete clean for your property.
  • Specialized cleaning detergents
    Dirt, pollen, algae, mold: every property is dealing with a unique obstacle. Our cleaning products invest in long-lasting stain and buildup removal.
  • Dedicated technicians
    Every member of the St. Louis Pro Wash team has extensive training and professional certification, so you can feel confident that your property is getting the best.
    • Consistent Quality and Curb Appeal

Fence cleaning and deck cleaning are two pivotal components of property maintenance. With this professional service, you’re checking off a few critical boxes for your exterior, including:

  • Property safety
    A deck covered in debris is a recipe for a slip and fall accident. We remove the buildup - and the risk of a nasty mishap, too.
  • Curb appeal
    Whether you have a fence coated in algae or a deck covered in mold, it hardly results in an impact that lifts your property up. Our team will help your property reclaim its first impression.
  • Property value
    When your property has been cared for, it isn’t just a visual benefit - it also ensures that you can spend less on repairs and instead spend more time enjoying your home.

Whether you dream of grilling on the back deck or arriving at your home with the welcoming sight of a white picket fence, St. Louis Pro Wash is here to help! Invest in our complete pressure washing services today.