6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Pressure Washer

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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Pressure Washer

Mistake #1: Choosing a Contractor Based on Low Price. If you choose a company based only on price, it’s because you had nothing else to base your decision on. There are better things to base your buying decision on when it comes to protecting your investment; Professionalism, quality, knowledge, appearance, what their customers are saying about them, and what are the benefits to you…all of these things should be considered
when choosing a power washing company. Also, some companies bid low to get the job and are then forced to cut corners and sacrifice quality in order to turn a profit.  Proper insurance is usually first on the “chopping block”.

Mistake #2: Choosing a Contractor Based on a Single Phone Call. Instead, invite the contractor to your home, and ask for a free estimate; most quality contractors offer them. Free estimates are a great way to test the contractors knowledge and to see his appearance and professionalism first hand, with no obligations. You will also have a written estimate for your records, so there will not be any overcharges or surprise add-ons.

Mistake #3: Choosing a Contractor Whom Does Not Offer a Guarantee. Why should you have to pay for a job that you are not satisfied with? Not all power washing companies offer a guarantee. If they do, the guarantee may be limited. Ask the contractor if he offers a money back guarantee, and then make sure he includes his guarantee on the written estimate.

Mistake #4: Choosing a Contractor Without Getting Comments from Other Clients. Any contractor can say anything about his past jobs, and some of what he says may not be true. Make sure that you ask for references or read comments from past customers, so you know you can depend on the contractor and his work.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Contractor Whom is not Certified. How do you know whether the contractor has the knowledge or experience to restore your deck or fence? If you want to be sure you are hiring a competent professional, make sure he has some sort of certification in wood restoration. The contractor must earn that certification through study, experience, and successful completion of examinations. In effect, contractors who
are certified in wood care are much more knowledgeable and competent, and their work will result in a better quality job.

Mistake #6: Choosing a Contractor Whom uses Consumer Grade Equipment and Cleaners. Cheap equipment may be a sign of a “fly-by-night” company. Big, high-dollar, skid-mounted pressure washers are not necessary to do a quality job. But, if the contractor uses the same little 2.2 gallon per minute pressure washer that you saw on sale at the home improvement store, you might want to reconsider hiring him. Most quality contractors use 5.5 to 8 gallon per minute hot/cold water units for residential use. If a contractor is using consumer grade equipment, he is probably using consumer grade cleaners, also. House, deck, and concrete cleaners, that are sold to consumers, have to be safe to handle, therefore, they are not very concentrated or very effective. Contractor grade cleaners sold through distributors are still eco-safe but are more concentrated and must be handled with care. Contractor grade cleaners are necessary in order to achieve quality results.