Graffiti Removal

Don’t Let The Vandals Get The Last Laugh!

Combating And Preventing Graffiti

Since 2004, the St. Louis Area has witnessed a substantial increase in building and fixture vandalism, also known as graffiti “tagging”. Unfortunately, these “tags” are usually of racial or gang-related content. Graffiti has a solid track record of decreasing property value, negatively impacting retail sales, and may even encourage petty crime.

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We Can Effectively Clean…

• Oil & Water Based Products
• Painted Surfaces
• Brick & Masonry
• Vinyl & Aluminum Surfaces
• Limestone & Marble
• Street Signs & Fixtures
• Dumpsters & More!
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Take Action:  A Zero-Tolerance Approach

Don’t let these hoodlums get the best of you. If you’ve been “tagged”, you must remove it A.S.A.P. to avoid attracting additional graffiti. It also saves you money because it’s easier to remove when it’s new or fresh.  Our “Bio-Friendly” detergents are non-abrasive and are safe for all types of exterior surfaces. Using incorrect chemicals or equipment for this application could damage surfaces beyond repair, leaving shadowing of the substrate. Give us a call today and take back the upper hand!

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“…Because A Clean Building Is Just Good Business.”

by Bliss Drive Review