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Providing outstanding quality work in exterior cleaning services! Full-time Exterior Cleaning Company In the past you may have had less than satisfactory experiences with so called “Splash & Dash” pressure washing outfits. These “weekend warriors” are only out to make a quick buck and rarely if ever do they use...
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About Our Company

More than 20 years of experience ! Proudly Serving St. Louis & Surrounding Counties In Missouri & Illinois! At St. Louis Pro Wash L.L.C., we are proud to provide professional exterior cleaning services to more than twenty counties in the great states of Missouri & Illinois. We promise to give...
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Letter From Robert

St. Louis’ Premier Exterior Cleaning Service !   Dear Homeowner: Thank you for visiting our website! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and encourage you to browse some industry consumer reports related to hiring a pressure washing contractor. We believe that educating the homeowner is a...
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